So, how can you tell if you have a good egg?

Mini Eggs – what a classic Pick n Mix Favourite.  Loved at Easter, scoffed in front of a movie.  What could be better than a thin crispy outer shell with a big chuck of chocolate. So how can you tell a good egg?  We say one that doesn't include vegetable oil on the ingredients list because that’s just cheating.

Better quality Mini Eggs like Candy King are made with 70% of the finest quality milk chocolate.  At the Pick n Mix Shop we have 65 of Candy King’s best Pick n Mix on offer.

To start selecting your favourites just grap a cup and fill it up!

Pick N Mix Shop launch pre-mixed Candy King Collections

Too many options to decide?  Just like the Jellies?  We’ve got you covered!  The Pick N Mix Shop launches collections of pre-mixed Candy King.

There are 4 pre-mixed collections to choose from. We pack your cup with 350g and 7 selections from Candy King’s range of 65 Pick N Mix favourites.

Jellies Collection

Gourmet Jelly Beans
Jelly Foam Hearts
Juicy Strawberries
Sour Cherries
The Boa
Watermelon slices
Wine Gums

Vegetarian Collection

Fairytale Mix
Fish 'n' Chips
Fruit Cocktail
Juicy Strawberries
Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs
Vanilla Fudge
Wine Gums

Movie Night Collection

Fizzy Cola Bottles
Giant Snowies
Love Hearts
Milk Teeth
Sweet Bananas
Vanilla Fudge

Classic Collection

Duo Fudge
Fried Eggs
Giant Jazzies
Gourmet Jelly Beans
Milk Shake Bottles
Pink & White Mice

Can’t decide which Pick n Mix to choose? Join the club!

Got a serious candy craving? Then you will love our subscription cups. Every month you will receive a Candy King Collection cup full of different sweets.
We pack your cup with 350g and 7 selections from Candy King’s range of 65 Pick N Mix favourites.

There are 3 prepaid club subscriptions:

• 3 Month Pre-Paid Subscription
• 6 Month Pre-Paid Subscription
• 12 Month Pre-Paid Subscription

Yes that could be a whole 12 months of Pick N Mix! Join our Subscription club

Who doesn’t love a bit of Pick n Mix?

Every generation will have their favourites, it not just for kids! As Candy King lovers we wanted to bring you the best of Candy King online.

We’ve turned our website into a virtual store so that you can choose the best that Candy King Pick n Mix has to offer from the comfort of your home!

From the juiciest of juicy strawberries through to the chocolatiest of chocolate mini eggs, all Candy King products feature no artificial colours or artificial flavours.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a cup, fill it up and we’ll get it sent straight out to your door!